Foundations in
Oncology Massage​​​

This program is for diploma qualified remedial massage therapists and myotherapists. With theory and practical modules taught virtually, quizzes throughout and examinations at the end you will graduate with an outstanding knowledge to feel confident when working with the cancer community.

Pre-requisites required for eligibility to register:

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • or Advance Diploma of Myotherapy
  • or Bachelor of Health Science (Myotherapy)
  • And Professional Massage Association Membership

Course Content:

  • An overview of cancer, how it develops and spreads
  • An understanding of conventional cancer treatments and the side effects they have on the body
  • A brief understanding of fascia and the lymphatic system and how cancer treatments affects them
  • Recognise cancer treatment side effects and safely modify your massage treatment
  • Adjustments necessary for effective massage treatment at any point in a clients life journey
  • Inter-professional communication, medical terminology, ethics and compliance
  • The oncology massage consult – medical history interview, oncology massage treatment plans, draping and support
  • Self-care for a life-long career in massage
  • Real case studies – hear from the patients themselves
  • Confidently create and perform a personalised treatment plan for an oncology massage client


  • 8 weeks commitment
  • Online learning portal
  • Prerecorded video content released each week
  • Each video duration  15-30 minutes so you can easily add it into your day
  • Quizzes to make sure you are understanding the content
  • 100+ page workbook
  • Weekly face to face interactive zoom classes
  • Interactive Facebook class group
  • Mentored by Amy Tyler throughout


  • Early Bird AU$3000 – Paid in full 6 weeks prior to course start date
  • Full Fee AU$3300 – Paid in full 1 week prior to course start date






Hear how Kim Watson came full circle in her massage career by completing the Foundations in Oncology Massage course.