About Us

Meet the Founder

Amy Tyler

Hi I’m Amy, an oncology, scar and lymphoedema massage therapist with over 20 years experience. I have been training other massage therapists to specialise in working with cancer patients for close on a decade. I am passionate about elevating the industry by providing high quality education, whilst empowering the therapist to be able to adapt so they can work with any patient who walks through their door. I absolutely love being a therapist myself and hope to pass that passion onto others through this training. You can follow me on my clinic socials below.

Our Mission

Empowering therapists to provide compassionate, quality care so that every body can feel whole.

Our Vision

By providing the best possible training, we strive to achieve a world where highly skilled therapists are available for all patients to experience enhanced quality of life.

Our Values


As industry leaders, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional education at the highest standards. We are committed to ensuring our graduates possess the skills and expertise to provide comprehensive care, raising the bar within the industry.


Our training strives to empower practitioners to prioritise enhanced self-care. By fostering an acute awareness of their bodies and recognising early warning signs, practitioners can provide the highest quality care while cherishing their own well-being.


Through robust support, strategic networking, comprehensive information sharing, and effective communication, we cultivate a thriving community dedicated to excellence in oncology massage.


We are dedicated to continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence in oncology massage training. Valuing feedback from our community, we ensure our programs remain at the forefront of the industry.