Frequently Asked Questions


This FAQ page answers our most common course and oncology massage questions. For further information or other inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Oncology massage is a specialised form of massage therapy designed to address the unique needs of individuals affected by cancer. Unlike traditional massage, which focuses primarily on relaxation and muscle tension relief, oncology massage is tailored to accommodate the physical and emotional challenges associated with cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Techniques are adapted based on an individual’s medical history, treatment protocols, and current health status to ensure a safe and effective experience. At the Institute of Oncology Massage, our online training equips therapists with these skills to provide the best care for clients.

A common myth has been that massage can spread cancer cells throughout the body, however, there is no scientific evidence to support this belief (Sagar SM et al., 2007). This misconception stems from an outdated understanding of how cancer spreads and how massage interacts with the lymphatic system.

A necessary part of ensuring safe practice is for the massage therapist to receive formal training in this specialised area. With expertise and awareness, an oncology massage therapist (OMT) can appropriately modify their plan to accommodate each client’s history with cancer.

Yes, the prerequisites of this course require individuals to hold a diploma equivalent qualification in Remedial Massage or Myotherapy. This course assumes knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, assessment protocols and treatment of diverse populations. This ensures that course content can be comprehensively understood and remain specialised, ensuring the greatest value for your education.

Our online training is designed to be accessible to everyone, no matter your geographic location or schedule. At the Institute of Oncology Massage, we understand that many costs come from travelling and taking time away from your practice. With our training, we seek to minimise this barrier to participation.

In the future, face-to-face practicals will be included in our Master Classes.

You will receive a Certificate of Attendance and an academic transcript at the end of your training course. These documents provide proof of completion and passing results. Note: Foundations in Oncology Massage course will take at least 32 hours to complete.

– Association of Massage Therapists (AMT): allocates 1 point per hour and requires 5 reflection questions to be completed

– Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS): allocates 1 point per hour and requires a 100-word response that details why the training is relevant to you

– Massage & Myotherapy Australia (MMA): will award 20 points for the completion of this course

International students, please discuss this with your chosen professional organisation.

Yes, the Institute of Oncology Massage is a recognised education provider with the Society for Oncology Massage. This international body establishes the world standards for this type of training.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support for our course graduates long after they complete their training. As part of our commitment, graduates gain exclusive content, including our insightful ‘A Chat With The Experts’ series, featuring interviews with cancer care professionals and patients. Additionally, graduates are invited to join our private Facebook community to connect with fellow oncology massage therapists (OMT), seek advice, and receive ongoing support throughout their professional journey. Looking ahead, we are excited to offer graduates access to advanced education in our Master Classes, this provides opportunities for continuous learning and skill development.

Yes, you can save $300 if you pay in full at least 6 weeks before the starting date of any course.


– January 6th Course, early bird ends on 25/11/23

– April 6th Course, early bird ends on 24/02/24

– July 6th Course, early bird ends on 25/05/24

– October 12th Course, early bird ends on 31/08/24

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